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Daniel ^'^'^ Daniels 



(Limited Edition of Three Hundred Copies) 







Daniel ^^° Daniels 






(Limited Edition of Three Hundred Copies) 





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The first Dauyell of Rydelegh was Robert Danyell, 
to whom letters of protection were granted 21, June 1385 
on his departure for Scotland on the King's Service in 
the retinue of John Devereaux. He was commissioned 
with Richard de Cholmondlegh to arrest all disturbers 
of the peace of the Hundred of Nantwich. 

In 1389, Robert Danyell of Rydelegh with Robert 
Danyell of Lyme entered into a recognizance for the re- 
lease of John Cole. 

Robert Danyell, married Alice de Rydelegh about 1395 
by whom he had a son : — 

Robert Danyell, Lord of Ridly, heir of his mother 
Alice, II of Henry V. 

Robert Danyell and Alice his wife occur again in 

The name Robert Danyell subsequently occurs in 
Recognizance Rolls down to II of Henry V., whom the 
"Escheator is commissioned to enquire of the value of 
the lands of Robert Daniell, a Crown debtor." 

In Harlean Mss. 2151, (Page 108,) are church notes 
taken at Daresbury, Cheshire, England, in 1572, which 
mention among other Coats of Arms then existing here 
in painted glass, the Arms of Hallum, Daniel, Dutton, 
Warburton, Starkey, Norris and Astons; and grave- 
stones in the Churchyard marked with crosses the heads 
of which were florees, and which had swords at the 
sides of them, indicating, most probably, the sepulchres 
of Crusaders. 

(Historv of Cheshire, Volinne 2, Page 736.) 



At Appleby Castle, Cumberland, Samuel Daniel was 
"tutor to the high-spirited Lady Anne Clifford, daugh- 
ter of George Ciiiford, Earl of Cumberland, the cele- 
brated adventurer, to whose beauty and accomplish- 
ments he pays many flattering compliments in his works. 

In this castle there is a portrait of Daniel, painted by 
order of Lady Anne Clifford, as part of the family 
group of Cliffords. She is represented at the age of 
fifteen "standing in her study, dressed in white, em- 
broidered with flowers, her head adorned with great 
pearls ; one hand is on a music book ; her flute lies by 
her side." 

Samuel Daniel was the son of a music master, born 
near Taunton, in Somersetshire, 1561. His poetical 
works are republished in Volume 4 of the "Works of 
the British Poets. ' ' 

A poetical sketch of this Poet Laureate written by 
Fitz Geoffrey, is as follows: — 

If Spencer merits Roman Virgil's name, 
Daniel at least comes in for Ovid's fame. 

If Spencer rather claims Appollo's wit, 
Virgil's illustrious name will Daniel fit. 

No higher than Apollo can we go 
But, if a loftier title you can show, 

That greater name let Spencer's Muse command, 
And Daniel be the Phoebus of our land ; 

For, in my judgment, of the God of verse 
In English would heroic deeds rehearse. 

No language so expressive he would choose 
As that of English Daniel's lofty Muse. 

He succeeded Spencer as Poet Laureate to Queen 
Elizabeth, and was also a great favorite of the Court 
of James I. 

As such, he was a Troubadour of the 16th and 17th 
centuries. He died October 1619. 


There is a painting in the ''Museum de Vatican," 
Rome, of Arnaut or Arnold Daniels, of Normandy, as 
a Troubadour. 

The Troubadours, as poet-warriors, were conspicuous 
during the Crusades. They "belonged to a race, lan- 
guage and literature which, at one time, seemed on the 
point of obtaining intellectual supremacy in Christen- 
dom." Their art was called the Gaj^-Saber. Richard 
Coeur-de-Lion collected some of the most eminent Trou- 
badours at his Court. 

The following is a poetic relic of that romantic age : — 

No nymph my heart can wound. 
If favour she divide 
And smile all around. 
Unwilling to decide : 
I'd rather hatred bear 
Than love with others share. 


A History of Oxford, Mass., by George F. Daniels, 
published in 1892, contains the following extract : — 

"Daniels, Daniell Joseph, supposed to have been the 
son of Robert Daniels of Watertown, was of Medfield, 
Mass., in 1660; settled on West Side of Charles River, 
now Millis. His house was burned by Indians 1676; 
married Mary Fairbanks ; had, with others, Joseph Dan- 
iels, born 1666. He and Joseph Jr., were among the in- 
corporators of Medway in 1713. Joseph Jr., had: — 

David Daniels, born 21 of February 1699; married 
Magdalen Partridge; had with others, Seth, born Oct. 
1737, who married Unity Thurston, and had, with 
others, Joseph, born Oct., 14, 1777 who married Sep- 
tember 4, 1793 Susan Fisher and had with, 12 other 
children : 

Seth, born Sept., 14. 1794, who settled in Oxford 1816. 

The History of Medway, Mass., contains the early 
history of the Daniels Family, in Medway. It was pub- 
lished by the Town 1885: edited by Rev. E. 0. Jame- 


The author begins his Genealogy of the Daniels Fam- 
ily by writing : — 

Daniels, in England, and in the early history of this 
country, was spelled Daniell. In the Encyclopedia of 
Heraldry it occurs thirty-two times, |and is spelled 
twenty-six times Daniell, five times Daniel, and but one 

The persons earliest in America of this name were 
Robert Daniells or Daniel of Watertown, Mass., in 1636 
William Daniell of Dorchester 1648 and Joseph Daniell 
of Medfield in 1649. Their descendants, down to a com- 
paratively recent date, and in some lines to the present 
iinie, as appv^ars by their autographs, have spelled the 
name Daniell. But the Medway branch of the family 
for some years, have generally spelled the name Dan- 
iels, although the late Deacon Paul Daniell used the 
ancient spelling to his death which occured in 1873. 

Robert Daniel or Daniels, the great ancestor of those 
of the Daniels name in Medway, came from Cheshire 
England prior to 1636, and settled at Watertownj Mass. 
Ho was grantee of five lots, and purchased the "home- 
stead" of Nicholas Jacobs, consisting of thirteen acres 
of land situated not far from the present site of the 
United States Arsenal. 

He was admitted Freeman 14 March, 1639 in Water- 
town, Mass. His wife upon being married was Mrs 

Elizabeth Daniel, who died 2 Oct., 1643. 

In 1651 Mr. Daniels removed to Cambiidge, Mass., when 
he married 2 May, 1654, Riana Andrews, second wife. 
Mr. Daniels died 6 July, 1655. 

Bond's History of Watertown, Mass., says: — 

Robert Daniels died 6 July, 1655, upwards of 60 years 
of age. After 1651, he removed from Watertown to 
Cambridge where he died. 

Robert Daniels, his son, sold lands in Watertown and 
his will is dated 1661-2. It is also probable that Sam'l 
Daniels of Watertown was his sou. He was a planter 
and sold 127 acres of land to Nathaniel Coolidge April 
2, 1667. 

The Chetham Society Publications, Volume 97, (Page 
95,) notices the Daniel or Daniels Family and Robert 
Daniel as follows: — 


Peter Daniel by wife left issue: — 

1. Peter Daniell, Captain of the Foot in the Armv 
of Charles I. 1643. 

2. Henry, 3. Richard, 
4. Robert, 5. Thomas, 

6. John, 

7. William Daniell of Wigan, County Lancaster, 
aged 40, 8 April 1665. 

8. Thomas Daniell, a Lieutenant in the Army, killed 
at Brumford 1643. 

William Daniel (No. 7.) was Colonel of a Regiment in 
Scotland upon the restoration of King Charles II : 
Governor of the Garrison and Citadel of Ayre in Scot- 
land, and afterwards, by speciale command of his said 
Majesty, carried his regiment into Portugall ; where he 
was instrumental in obtaining the victory in the plain 
of Evora, against Don John of Austria, Spanish Gen- 
eral, 1663. 

Robert Daniel, above named, could have been in point 
of time the Robert Daniel or Daniels who came to Water- 
town, Massachusetts. 


William Daniels died in Boston, leaving a will dated 
1678, in which he names, his son John Daniels, who was 
his father's executor. The latter died September 1765, 
leaving a son 

Isaac Daniels who was, at thiit time about fourteen 
years old — and therefore born 1751. The Probate Court 
appointed John Crehore of Milton, Massachusetts, guar- 
dian of the person and estate of said Isaac Daniels, a 
"minor under 14 years of age, son of John Daniels of 
Milton, husbandman". 

(Volume 64, Page 516, Probate Records of Boston.) 


Jonathan Daniels, sou of John (1) and Mary (Chap- 
pell) Daniels, was born in New London, Conn., Oct. 
15, 1682. "The family habitat of the Daniels tribe was 
west of New London village, over towards Niantic, and 
they had holdings up in the Paugwonk region, now 
Salem. It was here that Jonathan (2j Daniels probably 
dwelt. His brother Clement (2) Daniels also owned 
land at Paugwonk. The descendants of Clement have 
been numerous in Salem, and the name Clement has con- 
tinued there. Jonathan (2) Daniels married at New 
London, 14 Dee. 1706, Rebecca Graves, 

John Daniels (2), (John, 1), born in New London 
19 Jan. 1665-6, married Agnes, dau. of Samuel and 
J^gnes (Keeney) Beebe. Children: John, born 22 Oct. 
1685; Samuel, 'born 29 Nov., 1688; Thomas, born 2 Jan.. 
1689; Jonathan, born 22 March, 1692-3; Mary, born 
24 Feb., 1694; Nathaniel, born 30 June, 1696; William, 
born 5 Sept., 1699; Ebenezer, born 17 Feb., 1702-3: 
Susannah, born 9 April, 1705; Hannah, born 16 Sept.. 
1706 ; James, born 31 Aug., 1708 ; Ezekiel, born 27 Sept., 
1709 or '10 ; Lucy, born 29 June, 1711. 


Thomas Daniels of Wilmington, Delaware, married 
Joaana Miller in July 1745. 

In KentucT^y, Robert Daniel married Mary Trigg in 
Lincoln County 16 August, 1783. 

John Daniel was in South Carolina as early as 1736. 
when on 23rd of January of that year he married Sarah 
Raven in Charlestown. 

Stephen Daniel, and his brother, David, mJgrated to 
North Carolina from Virginia some time in 1700. Thei.r 
father was Elisha Daniel, and family tradition says 
that Elisha Daniel's wife was a Parker. 

In Georgia, in Effingham County, Josiah Daniel mar- 
ried Elizabeth Dixon 23 April, 1772, and John Daniel 
married Hannah Damons, 20 Feb., 1774. 



1731 May. Mary Daniel and Ralph Slieltou, Middle- 
sex County. 

1742 June 3. Gustant Daniel! and Robert Thurston, 
Middlesex County. 

1744 Jan. 9. Robert Daniel and Lucy Daniel, Mid- 
dlesex County. 

1746 April 28. Clara Daniel (widow) and George 
Blakey, Middlesex County. 

1750 Jan. 8. Rachel Daniel and John Murray, Mid 
dlesex County. 

1751 May 15. William Daniel and Agnes Mark 
ham, Amelia County. 

1752 Dee. 22. George Daniel and Mary Daniel 
Middlesex County. 

1754 Feb. 15. Sarah Daniel and William Roame 
Middlesex County, 

1754 Sept. 14. William Daniel and Susanna George 
Middlesex County. 

1756 May 8. Esther Daniel and Jeremiah Shep- 
herd, Middlesex County. 

1760 Nov. 3. Mary Daniel (widow) and Henry 
Shepherd, Middlesex County, 

1763 Sept. 19. George Daniel and Frances Daniel 
Middlesex County. 

1764 Oct. 2. Richard Daniel and Margaret Guttery 
Middlesex County. 

1768 March 28. William Daniel and Patty Field 
Allen, Cumberland County. 

1769 May 11. Ann Daniel and Bartholomew Yates 
Middlesex County. 

1773 Nov. 23.' Robert Daniel and Frances H. Hum- 
phreys, Orange County. 

1774 March 26. Katy Daniel and Robert Evans 
Aecomac County. 

1776 July 25. John Daniel and Lucy Mary Mar 
shall, Orange County. 

1776 Nov. 20. Lucy Daniel, d of Reuben, and John 
Connor, Orange County. 

1780 Nov. 23. Ann Daniel and William Terrill 
Orange County. 


1783 May 22. Jane Daniel and George Qiiisenbury 
Orange County. 

1785 Jan. 31. William Daniel and Mary Gaines 
Orange County. 

1786 Feb. 28. Beverly Daniel and Jane Hiatt. 
Orange County. 

1789 Dec. 31. James Daniel and Sarah Wright. 

1790 Sept. 8. Benjamin Daniel and Peggy Brown 
Caroline County. 

1792 Jan. 10. William Daniel and Edith Sutton- 
field, Campbell County. 

1792 July 2. Easter Daniel and Liggen Mays 
Henry County. 

1793 June 18. William Daniel and Polly Martin 
Charles City County. 

1794 Jan. 3. Sally Daniel and John Pattee, Caro 
line County. 

1794 March 13. Sally Daniel and Thomas Black 
burn, Caroline County. 

1795 April 4. Rachel Daniel and John Sinclare. 
Loudoun County. 

1795 Oct. 22. Joseph Daniel and Tacy Humphrey 
Loudoun County. 

1795 Nov. 18. George Daniel and Hannah King 
Westmoreland County. 

1796 June 14. Mary Daniel and John Tranham 
Caroline County. 

1797 Sept. 80. Polly Daniel and Samuel Sneed 
Caroline County. 

1799 Nov. 22. Mildred Daniel and John Cash 
Spotsylvania County. 


The New York family of Daniels began with Robert 
who married Susanna Nicholas, 24 Dec 1702. Thomas 
Daniels of New York married Sarah Godfrey, 27 Feb 

Clement Daniels, evidently from the Connecticut fam- 
ily, was of Cape May County, N. J., in 1737 when on 
October 24 he married Deborah Young. 

There were several families of Daniel in Pennsylvania., 
In October 1758, John Daniel married Elizabeth Parker 
in Philadelphia. 



Allen Daniel, born 1738, died 1814, commanded a 
company in the Eighth Virginia Regiment. He died 
in Madison County, Ga. His first wife was Mary Allen 
Their daughter Elizabeth, born 1770, married Aaron 

Amariah Daniels, born 1769, in Holliston, Mass., died 
1841, in Portage County, Ohio, served as a musician at 
the age of twelve. His wife was Olive Rider. Their 
daughter Adaline married Nicholas Gee. 

Dan Daniels, born 1758, in Worthington, Mass., where 
he died. He enlisted in 1780, as a private in the Hamp- 
shire County Militia. He married Zernah Herrick in 
1782, Their daughter, Lucy, married Isaiah Kingman. 

Daniel Daniels of New London, Conn., enlisted in 1775 
in Captain Parson's Company of Now London. His 
wife was Mary Wicks. Their sou Jared married 
Eleanor H. Bogue. 

David Daniels, born 1710, in Mendon, Mass., died 
there 1816, served on the committee in 1775, to purchase 
powder and cannon. He married Huldah Arnold Taft 
Their son Darius married Ruth Aldrich, 

Eleazer Daniels, born 1761, in Mendon, Mass., died in 
Herkimer County, N. Y. 1848. He enlisted in the State 
Militia and served at the Battle of Bunker Hill. He 
married Mary Burrell in 1786. Their daughter 
Damaris, married John Wheeler. 

Increase Daniels, born 1752, in Mendon, Mass., died 
1806, in Westmoreland, N. H. responded to the Lexing- 
ton Alarm in Captain Josiah Daniel's Company. He 
married Elona Thayer. Their daughter Persis, mar- 
ried David Rankin. 

Isaiah Daniels of Medway, Mass., turned out at the 
Lexington Alarm in Colonel John Smith's Regiment. 
His son Jeremiah married Orinda Barber. 

James Daniel, born 1758, in Orange County, Va., diec' 
there 1819, commanded a company of local militia in 
1777. He married Sarah Elmo. His son, William 
Travers Daniel, married Julia Terrill. 

Jeremiah Daniell, born 1744, in Needham, Mass., died 
there 1784. He was a minute man at the Lexington 


Alarm. His wife was Abigal Fisher. Their son 
Jeremiah married Eunice Keith. 

John Daniel, of Granville County, N. Car., signed the 
Association Test in 1778. He was born 1742, and mar- 
ried twice. His son Zadoc married Elizabeth Lewis. 

John Daniels of Massachusetts, was at the Battle of 
Bunker Hill in Colonel Joseph Rea's Regiment. He 
married Zipporah Pierce. Their son Leonard married 
Elizabeth Cutler. 

Joseph Daniels, born 1738, in East Medway, Mass.. 
died there 1823, responded to the Lexington Alarm un 
der Lieut. Moses Adams. He married Deborah Keith 
Their son Israel married Anna Parker. 

Joshua Daniel of Virginia, was appointed Justice in 
Loudoun County in 1777, and died in 1810. He mar- 
ried Jane M. Hamilton. Their daughter Elizabeth mar 
ried John Worsley. 

Nathan Daniels, born in Vermont, 1747, died in Oneida 
County, N. Y., 1833. He served in the Vermont Militi? 
as a lieutenant. He married a Miss Tuttle. Their daugh- 
ter Lydia married Silas Hanchett. 

Nathaniel Daniels, born 1720, in Milton, Mass., died 
in Worthington, 1780. He was a member of the Com 
fhittee of Correspondence. He married Ann Grosvenor. 
Their son John married Lucy Monroe. 

Peter Daniel, of Pennsylvania, served as a private ir 
the Northumberland County Militia in 1781. His son 
Thomas, born 1808, married Katherine Brown. 

Peter M. Daniel of Virginia, enlisted in 1779, when 
sixteen, and served to the close of the war. He married 
Annie P. Gooch. Their son James Henry Daniel mar 
ried Mary E. Jones. 

Reuben Daniels, born 1757, in Hartland, Conn., died 
there 1839, was a private in Captain Ozias PettiboiieV 
Company at the Battle of White Plains. He married 
Sarah Meeker. Their son Samuel married Lydia Kettle 

Samuel Daniels of Leicester, Vermont, was killed in 
a skirmish in 1777, by a band of Indians, led by a Brit- 
ish officer. He married Elizabeth Wiswall. Their son 
Samuel married Huldah Parker. 


Starling Daniels, born 1742, died 1835, was a private 
in the Massaehiisettes Line. He married Charity John 
son. Their son Jonathan married Rhoda King. 

Timothy Daniels, born 1722 in Medfield, Mass., died 
1802, in Sherburne. He was a patriot and selectmen 
1777 to 1779. He married Ruth Leland. Their daughtei 
Rachel married Whitney Hill. 

Verin Daniel, born Milton, Mass., 1737, died 1776. He 
was a minute man at the Lexington Alarm. He married 
Ruth Billings. Their daughter Ruth married Samuel 
Holden, Jr. 

Vivian Daniel, born 1726 in Middlesex County, Va. 
died in Orange County. In 1775, he was a member of 
the Orange County Committee of Safety. He married 
Elizabeth Vivian. Their son Peter married Nancy 

William Daniel of Virginia, served in the Line Regi- 
ment of that state. He married Martha Allen. His son 
Judge William Daniel married Margaret Baldwin. 

William Daniel, born 1743 in North Carolina, died 
1840, in Clarke County, Ga., served in the war with the 
Georgia troops. He married Nancy Haslip. ' Their 
daughter Elizabeth, born 1763, married Benjamin Davis. 

William Daniel, born 1747, in Centerville, Va., died 
1807 in Edgefield, S. Car. He enlisted at Edgefield and 
served under General Sumter. He married Lucretia 
Bell. Their daughter Catherine married Llewelyn 



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